Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Managers anti-job description.

The role of a manager (leader of any kind for that matter) is a big one.

There are times you must inspire, times you must hire.
Times you must lead, times you must read (ie never stop learning)
Times you must hasten, and times you must listen.
Times we must plan, as much as we can.

What is NOT in the role description for managers, however, is also worth examining; lest you go crazy or blame yourself for every mishap or unintended outcome in your business or employees' personal lives. A few things that should make that list as are follows;

- advancing people who don't advance themselves
- being the bad guy (different than taking ownership over your role and even the company as a whole)
- do everything
- be perfect
- fix things for people when there are processes in place that they can and should follow themselves to find a solution
- work 24 hours a day

That being said, managers DO need to find, hire, and train good employees. They need to teach them how to be GREAT.

A great employee is one who thinks like a manager
A great manager is one who thinks & acts like an owner
A great owner is one who knows how their team, managers & customers think

What great is may vary from one person's definition to another, but many of the fundamentals are universal, which is why great employees (no surprise) can be great at a LOT of things. To truly excel, we must all find what we MOST want to be great at, and what we are willing to work hardest to get there... because as the spirit of today's blog may allude to - the road there can often be long and bumpy (though worth it).

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