Wednesday, February 24, 2010

2 Feet In.

We've heard the expression "time waits for no one".
Have you ever stopped to think why?

Scientists explain that the Universe is literally expanding at the speed of light (186,282.4 miles per second). If we are moving at 0 miles per hour because we are afraid to try anything new, or afraid of missing opportunities, we need to remember that...

- opportunity comes as a result of progress
- progress comes as a result of growth
- growth is not stagnant; it is as a result of change, initiative; in short- movement.
- if opportunity comes as a result of movement, it will makes it's way to THOSE WHO ARE ALREADY MOVING. Sitting, waiting, for your 'ship to come in' is almost sure to lead to disappointment.
- sometimes when we are moving, it seems that progress, change, and opportunity can't come fast or often enough... however we cannot predict when opportunity knocks; just that if you keep trying with the right attitude, and you keep adjusting your strategy to implement lessons you learn - you will eventually succeed.

In the collective experience that makes up swimupstream (thousands of personal training hours and thousands of hours managing people), we have yet to come across an individual, business, or society that highly values indecision and inaction.

If you are not sure if the job, city, committee, club, or relationship you are currently in is right for you - the only way to know for sure is to dive in with both feet and be the best employee/ friend/ advisor/ parishioner/ spouse/ etc that you can be... and trust the other parties enough that you allow them to fail you. Not blindly, not without good judgment or against your intuition... but trust and assume that this is the right place for you. Work your hardest to produce the best results you can.

If you find then that there is a disconnect between your input (effort, attitude, time, money, skill, insight, experience) and your output (experiences, money, advancement, acquisition of new skills, etc) than you are either not the right person for the job (etc) or the job (etc) is not right for you.

At that point, you can bring the same formula to another role, job, partner, etc until you find the right synergistic fit.

Sometimes the disconnect can occur over time... in this case, we still start with personal accountability over our side of the equation, then it comes to skill managing our relationships, and managing changing roles and work dynamics. It is possible to outgrow your role, even your organization - however most people that feel this way don't realize they are actually being impatient and change jobs before they have truly been rewarded. They may quit after a raise they feel was insufficient, only to later realize there was also a promotion in the works behind the scenes. Again - TRUST.

If we have one foot on the shore, and another in the water - we're not soaking up the sun drinking a beer enjoying the view, and we're not swimming with the dolphins in the ocean either... we are at the crossroads of 2 great potentials; at the threshold of neither.

Jump in with both feet - if you don't like the view from the water (what the unknown has to offer), there's always a cold beer and a great view available from the beach (you can always go back to what you know).

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