Wednesday, February 03, 2010


Normal (in terms of behaviour) is defined as conformance to an average
Normal (in terms of sociology) is defined as social norms, expected patterns of behavior studied in sociology.

Norm, the root word of normal, is defined (philosophically speaking) as sentences within philosophy with practical implications. Sociologically speaking, a norm refers to social norms, expected patterns of behavior studied in sociology. statistical norm, actual patterns of behavior studied (evident) in sociology

The reason examining this word becomes important today is because the word has taken on connotations that have become confused with it's definition. Nowhere above did we see the words or definitions;
- belonging
- acceptance
- popularity
- success
- happiness
- confidence
- ability
- worth

According to Maslow's Hierarchy of needs, belonging falls under 'social needs' and these come to the forefront of our wanting as soon as our survival and safety needs are met.

The point is, we NEED to belong; to feel connected to each other and to our communities. We do not NEED to be like everybody else. We do not NEED to match behaviors and do, say, think, act, live like other people or established patterns set without consideration of our uniqueness.

If we think of 'normal' in these terms - no one should want to be normal because 'normal' in a practical sense, means average (at best).

If we want to be accepted, that's different. Here are some words that ARE NOT 'NORMAL', but are highly accepted...
- excellent
- above average
- different
- new
- fresh
- innovative
- trend-setter
- entrepreneur
- stand-out
- leader
- visionary

"Normal" then, is easy - do what others do and say. This leads to acceptance by the masses, reverence by none, and remembrance by few at best.

"Exceptional" is hard - do what you want that takes work and sacrifice to manifest. This leads to acceptance by masses, understanding by few (which may feel like loneliness at times), reverence by many, and remembrance by many, perhaps generations, to follow.

It's not just verbage. Choose what you want to be and make it so. Add purpose to your days and years by waking up on a mission. If you wake up just to make it through another day - you are the only one who truly loses out in the end.

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