Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The What and How in your life

There is a lot of world to see, and a lot of life to be lived.
There are so many things we'd all like to accomplish, however most of us are going to read this today while we're at work. We need to work to afford the lifestyle we want to enjoy, and if we're really on the ball - we've created for ourselves a workplace that allows us to see and do some of our life's goals while we get paid.

That being said, while the few may already be on course to see and do the things they've planned in their lives - where can you start if you are in need of some inspiration and some enlightenment on how to get there?

Glad you asked...



These are all, of course, helpful ideas if you haven't found them on swimupstream yet... here are just a few from our archives;

After this much ammo, the only thing standing between you and achieving any goal you could possibly imagine (and even some you didn't that you'll come across in the readings) is your own will-power. THAT, my friends - requires no reading.

If you have the will and you do the work; you will research the strategy and the universe will conspire to make your dreams a reality.

If you lack will and don't work - you will not move forward, and that is the universe's way of rewarding your input. No work = no right to complain about outcome or your 'lot in life'.

Get engaged in your own life to create whatever you want as your reality - it really is that simple.

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