Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Break. The. Cycle.

Swim Upstream is short & sweet today.
You have some homework.

Think hard about 1 behaviour you keep repeating (even if not often) that you'd like to change. It could be procrastination, eating when bored, fidgeting; or it could be something serious like how you treat people (even abuse).

Your homework is to:

1) Identify most important behaviour for you to change
2) Think about when you first remember acting this way... was there a significant event that triggered this behavior? Was there a person you learned this from, or something you were trying to avoid (discipline from parents or teachers, bad grades, acceptance or avoiding exclusion from others, etc)?
3) What can you put in place of this habit and why would you? For example, I will replace urgent action on tasks as they arise instead of procrastination because it decreases my stress levels and avoids work piling up and having to work through the weekend
4) Create a tangible plan for the next 4 - 12 weeks on improving/ changing/ replacing said habit. For instance - in the above example, keeping a detailed to do list that you review daily and track completeness.

It might be small or it might be big folks, but we all have something we can do better; and we all probably do something beneath our current awareness that does not help us achieve the goals we have set for ourselves. Making small conscious efforts to better yourself weeks at a time add to being a better person year after year; which adds to a legacy of you being remembered as someone worth knowing, worth emulating, possibly being remembered as great.

Good luck and start small. If steps 1 - 4 work on the small stuff, doing it over and over again adds momentum and faith that you can change the bigger things about yourself that you'd like to improve.

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