Tuesday, March 30, 2010

find something....

"Dies slowly who avoids passion. Who, for the incertitude of a dream doesn't take a chance"

These were the words said by a runner at the end of a video (first one at the top) from a 100km race in the Sahara desert I was invited to do in 2008. I will never forget the moment on day 3, being in the middle of the desert, running by myself. As I was crying because I was so proud to have made it this far, I realized that if I would of not taking a chance and go for this race I would of never felt this way on that day, ever. It is a feeling I will never forget and a feeling that helps me believe in myself on a daily basis. 

2010 is already 3 months old..... I hope you will take a chance on yourself and go find your passion or try something new!

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