Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Good day on the court by Cory M

It’s great to see the sun coming out again around Vancouver. This past weekend it was great to hear how so many people were able to take advantage of the clear skies and get outside to be active. Personally I love getting out and getting lost in a long run or jumping on the bike for a couple of hours, but I know that not everyone will immediately share my same passion. Some people have come out and simply stated that they hate running, and get bored too easy while doing it. An alternative motivator could be a team sport such as touch football, or hockey, or basketball.

Getting involved in a rec sports team is an excellent destination for a lot of people.  A lot of time it provides the competitive motivation that some need. It provides their purpose to be faster in the game or to have more endurance in the last few minutes of play, which then segues nicely into promoting their cardio training. Team sports provides an awesome social network that some people consider very important, and not letting the team down is another reason to stay in shape for the games.  A typical 90 minutes of basketball for an adult male weighing 175-190 pounds can burn anywhere from 800 to 1500 calories, and all without realising how hard you’ve been working. Two games a week plus workouts and a day of cardio... that sounds like a pretty stellar training program to me.

This weekend Innovative Fitness did it’s part by putting together a pick-up basketball game in Kitsilano. 13 people, coaches and customers alike showed up to Vancouver College Sunday morning and strutted their stuff on the court. We split up and played some 5 on 5 full court and rotated teams every 11 points. Kevin and Gary were trying to nail the outside game all day, while Raj and Jeevan were showing off their impressive lane driving skills. JD had several opportunities to show he could still dunk which he unfortunately wasn’t able to confirm, and me.... well I took pride in stuffing a 67 year old man. A real low moment for McDonalds everywhere I know. 

But the hour and a half that we were out on the court we were all laughing, joking around and I burned over 1300 calories!  

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