Tuesday, April 27, 2010

letting go of fear...

Letting go of fear..... by Jennifer J.

This was one thing I had to learn to do this past weekend. On Saturday morning a large group of us participated in an adventure race called SUBURBAN RUSH. We smiled through the torrential downpour of rain as we set out on our 30+ K journey running up a side of a mountain carrying our camel packs full of water and mandatory gear including a whistle and an emergency blanket.  We then rode further up the mountain before we came racing down on our bikes weaving our way through a muddy single track and bumpy switchbacks. Then there was a mystery challenge of naming different countries flags before we hopped back on our bikes for more of the challenging mountain biking. Being a novice mountain biker there were many points within the course that I felt like saying "there is no way I can do this" and wanted to give up. However that not being an option I found that the only way to make it through was to dig deep and tell myself I could do it and let go of my fears. The more I let down my guard the better I rode which in turn made my confidence increase. The race was challenging, exhilarating and took me well outside my comfort zone. 

We ended the race with scaling over a wall through a tire run then crawling on our bellies in a bunch of mud. The feeling as my partner  and I crossed the finish line was incredible and made me take a long hard look at what other things I am willing to try if I just let go of fear.

The possibilities of what we can accomplish are endless if we are just willing to put ourselves out there and try new things. Some of us may not try new things because we are afraid of failing or because we may not be the best at them, but the only way to know or to gain an experience is to set your goal, design a plan, execute your plan and go for it.

What would you try if you had no fear?

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