Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Toursit In Your Own Town

It's hump day.
Have you steered out of the rat race yet this week?

Today I am sending out an invitation; an invitation to defy the backwards logic that often dictates our actions and experiences.

The average person in Canada will live for 80.7 years according to CBC News (Feb 2010 stats). If the average Canadian goes on 1 holiday a year, and we (according to many sources) begin our earliest memories from 3-4 years old; we have potentially 76 holidays to maximize in our lifetime; many of which the destination, itinerary, and hotels are decided for us (at least until we're 18; and then, for many of us; again when we get married!)

The point is, many of us work through our days to save up enough money to 'feel alive' for a week at a time and then feel worse when we return to work.

Who is going to experience something for the first time today? I had less than an hour to work out this morning, but was still able to discover some mountain bike trails that I had never ridden (and I have lived in Calgary for most of my 33 years).

It doesn't take much... below are some tips you can incorporate every day to shake up the routine and open yourself and your mind to new people, new places, new experiences, and new perspectives...

1. Take a different way home
2. Bike to/ from work instead of driving
3. Go to a museum
4. Visit your city's tourism website; make a list of the activities listed that you've never tried but would like to, and plan 1 a week for the next several weeks (be sure to grab a few ideas appropriate for each season so we don't return to hibernation mode next winter)
5. Go to a different restaurant or coffee shop than you are used to; somewhere local, off the beaten path, that isn't a huge chain or advertised on tv.
6. If you have children, pack up the kids to Grandma's or their aunts house; and stay at a local hotel, including spa treatments, a massage, and a romantic dinner out just the two of you
7. Call that friend you keep meaning to but never get around to and plan some time together
8. Go on a small shopping spree. Decide on an amount you are comfortable spending, but that you don't normally allow yourself... go nuts and spend time making yourself happy.
9. make a list of all sorts of fun, free activities, that you can do as a family or with friends. Make a day of spending time with great people, getting fresh air, expending energy, and saving money.
10. Help others. Whether it's at a drop-in shelter, donating your time, energy, money, talents, or even your ear... do something to give to others and see how much you get in return.

... or you could let 4,208 Wednesdays come and go as you prepare for (maybe) 62 trips you call the shots on. Go on vacation, but remember to be alive the other 51 weeks of the year, and the 28,890 days you are not on vacation.

Play your odds and learn to love life while you are at home everybody. Go on a staycation soon!

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