Monday, May 17, 2010

Be One of the Good Guys

I'm not a huge reality t.v. watcher. I enjoy "The Amazing Race", but haven't really watched it for a few years now. I also really enjoyed "Survivor" when it first started, but haven't watched it in almost 10 years, since the second season took place in the outback of Australia.

So, this season actually got me into it again - Heroes vs. Villians. They took 10 of the most beloved players, and 10 of the most hated - all of which were good players, with most of them being at least top finishers, if not former winners.

Interestingly, much like real life, the top three finishers all came from the "villians" - but, again in a mirror of real life, there were heroes who played more like villians, and villians that played more like heroes. I'm happy to say that in the end, the winner was the one player that didn't lie, didn't make promises she wouldn't keep, and, in fact, made a sincere effort to get the "heroes" to align themselves with her (numerous times).

I think that every now and then, we need to do a gut check. Ask yourself - when the chips are down and you have to choose a between what is easy, and what is right... are you a hero? Or a villian?


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