Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Choice is Daily

Choice is Daily

C: Character (values, principals)
H: How (plan; if you choose to be successful - how do you plan to get there?)
O: Obstacles. When adversity strikes - do you choose to see failure or an obstacle?
I: Intrinsic. The only lasting source of motivation and MUST guide the big choices
C: Candid (saying what you mean)
E: Effort. You must apply willpower to the plan after you set mindpower to the decision

I: Initiative. No one's handing out applications for President. You MAKE it be.
S: Strategy. If one great one fails, another one must be created. Hundreds if need be.

D: Do what you say you're going to.
A: After. Be sure to gauge effectiveness of the plan & path after all big choices
I: In the moment. Even if you're still on the journey; you have to love the now.
L: Legacy. Live to create the kind of memories of you want others to share of you.
Y: Year after year the momentum of small choices & changes = a lifetime success

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