Sunday, May 02, 2010

The point of no return.

hardest word in the world is change. change requires the intelligence to alter a course of action, behavior or habit before it reaches the point of no return. we see daily examples of people conditioned & content to repeat the same behaviors, habits and practices while expecting a different outcome.

there will not be a different outcome.

running away leads us to the same PONR…. somewhere else. blaming leads to the same PONR….. someone else. managing the symptom vs. addressing the source is nothing more than a pee break, gas up and snickers bar before we get right back on the road to no return……something else.

if you’re ever wondering “why is this happening to me?” it’s likely directly related to your inability to understand, embrace and /or create change.

change is defined by actions like vision, confidence, thinking, planning, acceptance & patience all of which are counter intuitive to the actions we advocate; chaos, dependency, reaction, impatience & intolerance. each day we perpetuate the latter is a day we inch closer to the gravity & reality of the consequences of our poor decision making.

there are a minority who realize the spoken words. those who realize the severity of the existing climate. those who see the cliff at the end of the road to no return many are rushing to drive off . that minority will always have an abundance of options vs. only two…

change or die.

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