Thursday, May 06, 2010

Understand marketing.

Tell yourself the same lie for long enough and you will start to believe it. The same goes for others and it better because business marketing depends on it! So what happens when people start to think for themselves and outside of the box? They win. And they win big.

A fairly successful man was quoted as saying ‘I normally do the exact opposite of what everyone else does. When they buy (based on greed) I’m selling and when they sell (based on panic) I’m buying. Warren Buffet. Another recognizable figure stated something to the effect of ‘intelligent people make & base decisions on facts, not emotions’ Bill Gates. I think these two have reached a level where their advice could be deemed credible and what’s synonymous with all successful people, is the fact they’ve usually achieved it by doing something different than the rest of us.

It may seem hard to accept the reality that phone company cares much less about your well being than it does upgrading you to 3G’s over a 5 year term, $400 for a pair of jeans is just stupid or car brands aren’t truthfully interested in making you feel relevant as much as they want you to just buy the damn car. The ‘you deserve a break today, no money down & don’t pay a cent until... and most famous 90’s mantra: “the lifestyle you’ve earned” are nothing more than marketing ploys that appeal to your emotions in order to get you to spend your money on that brand. They actually do not care about you. (Sorry). But year after year, after year some of us line up like sheep and spend on what's 'in'(to the tune of accruing the biggest personal debt in over a century). Anyone connecting the dots?

Here’s a taste of reality that’s less than the ‘OMG’ $500 bottle of Sauvignon [crushed grapes]: the American Dream wasn’t meant to be purchased. It was meant to be earned. Tune out the noise, know what you need and prioritize what you want.

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