Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Vancouver marathon by Ivan M.

As I reflect on the Vancouver Marathon, and think of the thousands of people enduring the same discipline, on the same course, at the same time – I ask myself: what’s it all about?

To me, running, especially running in an event,
 is all about people.


Think about it:

-The hundreds of people running alongside you – and the current of quiet motivation that flows with them.

-The friend running with you – whether you’ve known them for 5 years, or met them 5km in – the camaraderie is the same.

-The massive support crew - handing off water, Gatorade, or gels as you haul along

-The crowd – bringing moments of effortless energy as you see and hear them cheer

-Those “back home” - they may think you’re crazy, they care to hear of your experience.

The friend or loved one who came out to support you – Providing practical help on race day – someone who is putting themselves out there for you, taking their time: waiting, cheering, watching for you on the race course. They call out your name, they believe in you, they are inspired by you.

-YOU, as in ME, as in 
SELF – proud but not puffed up, disciplined in caring for yourself with planning, training, nutrition, sleep, rest, all the race prep items and finally, the run itself: one step at a time, one foot in front of the other; the gradual push, the constant fueling; the mental fortitude, the perseverance; through the pain, through each drop of sweat and rain; fighting to believe in yourself, from start to finish.

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