Monday, June 14, 2010


Someone in this province is actually listening to the people.

I've said it before, I'll say it again - I'm not actually against the HST. I'm not for it, either, for that matter.

Nope. I'm pissed off because a) they brought it in the back door, b) they ignored public outcry when they did so, and c) now, when we (the people of British Columbia) have actually gathered enough signatures to at least demand a referendum, Premier Campbell is saying "Too bad, it's good for the province so we're doing it anyway". Essentially, stepping away from representing the people who voted him into office, and taking on the role of "benevolent" dictator. Forgetting that he works for us. Whether we're right or wrong, as our representatives, the people we voted for should be doing what we say.

And finally, one of them is.

On Friday, Blair Lekstrom stepped down from his cabinet seat over the HST. Apparently, nobody saw it coming - but he did it anyway. He has been quoted as saying that while he does believe in the HST, he doesn't think it was brought in properly... and, ultimately, his constituents (those who voted him in, and whom he works for) have made it clear that they don't want it. So he's tried a couple of times to say "Wait. Maybe we should, at the very least, take the time to put this in properly" only to be shut down. So he did the only thing left - since he either does as he's told or leave the cabinet, he chose the latter.

I thank you, Mr. Lekstrom. I know nothing about your stances on anything else, your history or true motives for doing this (and may actually vehemently disagree with you on all of these things) - but in this one case, thank you.

Thank you for rocking the boat. Thank you for doing what others should be (and hopefully will follow, now that someone was brave enough to take the lead). Thank you for showing me that somewhere in this world, there are people who don't forget how or why they got into position they're in.

Thank you for showing how democracy is supposed to work.


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