Monday, June 21, 2010

To Dad:

Thank you.

For taking yourself (literally) from a longhouse in the jungle to practicing eye surgery - and teaching me about commitment.

For getting up at 4:30am to have me at hockey practice by 5:00am - teaching me about dedication.

For not throwing out my comic collection that time I didn't put it away - teaching me forgiveness.

For only losing your temper about once per year - teaching me self-control.

For taking the car away when I came home late without calling - teaching me accountability.

For standing up to the government when you felt you were being wronged, but doing so in a way that had you meeting face-to-face with the Minister of Health - and teaching me diplomacy.

For standing behind me when I was a theater student, and letting me know that no matter what I chose to do you would support me - and teaching me about absolute encouragement.

For everything above, for everything that I've forgotten, for all of the things which are too numerous to mention.

And thank you, for being (along with Mom) everything that a son/daughter could hope for, wish for, or receive in a parent.

Happy Father's Day.


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