Monday, June 07, 2010

Where Does it End?

Every time I think that society's deliberate avoidance of personal responsibility and ownership has hit an all-time low... I'm proven wrong.

Get this - now a woman is suing the man who was her designated driver because he didn't stop her from jumping out of a moving car after an argument with her boyfriend.

That's right. It's not her fault for getting drunk in the first place, for having the argument, for lifting the handle or for jumping out (and subsequently getting seriously injured). Nope. It's the driver's fault for not possessing the power to see into the future and thereby stop her from any or all of the above.

Now, as bad as this lawsuit is... it just gets worse. Because if this jackass wins her lawsuit (at which point the courts should spontaneously implode with idiocy) then basically, your behaviour becomes the responsibility of the designated driver... the one person who volunteered to be responsible. This alone might make people reticent enough to NOT volunteer... which means many of the same jackasses (like the aforementioned woman) will simply start driving drunk again. And, when they kill someone - likely they'll sue the other driver for not being better at getting out of their way.

It has to stop. At some point, we, as a society, have to stop pointing fingers at others. Sometimes it's not fair... but hey, that's life.

Or, at least... it used to be.


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