Wednesday, July 28, 2010

How Much Do You See?

Today would be as good a day as any to question our perceptions.

When you go to work, is it 1 more day suffered through before retirement, or is it one more opportunity to add to a legacy, knowing one day you might miss where you are right now?

When you consider what you want to achieve for your own happiness, do you make this calculation as though you are an island, or do you consider how you contribute to others' happiness as a direct contributor to your own happiness, knowing we're all connected?

When you finish reading this, do you shift immediately to the next email or task, and resume 'autopilot'; or are you going to take a moment to allow a difference in perspective to sink in and potentially improve your habits? Will you spend the rest of the day in the rat race, or will you do 1 thing that will make you remember today as worth waking up for?

When you approach conflict, do you get louder and louder, and firmer and firmer in your view; or do you decide to be the bigger person and take Steven Covey's advice and "seek first to understand?"

Basically, can you connect the dots and realize that we are all connected, or do you cause disconnect in relationships (and even in your very health) by disconnecting yourself from others through your actions, views, and how you approach others?

Just as the picture above can be interpreted in 2 almost opposite ways, it is very possible that in times of conflict, there is another valid (possibly better) way of doing things. Our ability to see it is limited to our willingness to consider seeing it.

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