Monday, July 12, 2010

Is This You...?

I was in Calgary over the weekend - it was a great trip. Plus, I had the opportunity to check out Dinosaur Park, one of the exhibits at the world famous Calgary Zoo. I would say it's probably laid out as well as the "Jurassic Park" ride at Universal Studios - but you don't get to ride through the park on a raft, the plants are all real, and you don't finish with a waterslide... more of a nice afternoon walk.

But I'm not writing this to operate as a tourism advertisement for Alberta. No, rather to address something that happened with regular occurrence. You'll note the sign I took a picture of to the right - and where it says "Please Stay on Path", followed up with pictures of staying off the dinosaurs. Now, have a look at this picture, taken moments later in the same place:

Yes, you're seeing correctly. An entire family of tourists, climbing all over the rocks that they've been clearly asked to stay off of, behind the fencing, while other families below are trying to explain why the others are up there when they have to stay on the path. What makes this worse is that, not only are all of these kids up there - so is Dad, with Mom taking pictures and telling them where to put themselves.


If one of the parents of this family happens to be reading this - or someone who's behaved similarly - I have a question for you: are you completely ignorant, or just that selfish?

See, it's people like you who ruin and eliminate possible experiences for future generations. You and your like are the reason that the rest of us can no longer see Angkor Wat up close, can't climb the pyramids of Chichen Itza, can't explore Stonehenge... the list of things you've vandalized and destroyed simply through your self-serving and egocentric behaviour goes on and on. These rules aren't in place to oppress you and your freedoms - they're there to ensure that others can continue to enjoy these experiences long after your gone. And you're taking this from them. Seriously - shame on you.

In fact, on behalf of all the people of the world who have not, and never will, experience these things because of behaviour similar to what is seen in the picture above...

Thanks for nothing.


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