Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Be Different.

According to that little double-helix strand of genetic information we call DNA, you and I are different.
You might be stronger; while I might be faster.
You might be more logical; while I may be more creative
You might be more sensitive; while I might be more demanding & positively challenging.

The fact is, we all have strengths & talents, and we all have things we can improve about what we do.

The problem is, instead of focusing on what we can change, we (individuals businesses and even teams) often focus on what we can't change.

Instead of improving strategy to compete with a strong competitor in business, we look for dirt; or we advertise that "you don't want to work there, it's so corporate" without taking a moment to examine if the culture of the competition is something you can learn from.

Instead of focusing on meaningful interactions, lasting friendships, and exploring who they are and what they want to be, teenage girls instead compete for who has more friends on Facebook and who gets more text messages.

Instead of throwing block parties and building a sense of community, far too many people are interested in building a bigger house and buying a nicer car than their neighbour.

This does not define a life... this troubles an existence. There is a difference, and if you want to be different- than you need to learn how to differentiate.

1. What am I (what are we as a team/ church/ family/ business) great or best at?
2. Who would be interested in such a difference-maker (customer base, potential spouse, parishioners, student-athletes, etc)?
3. How do I reach this audience? (how does my business market/ do I hang out in bars or go for a hike/ do I post try-out posters in the mall or in the gymnasium)
4. How do I keep and grow the target audience? (how do I/ we retain the customer, how do we deepen our personal relationships, how do we grow the team relationships)
5. Who is nipping at our heels by doing a great job at the same things we are? (Is someone marketing to the same audience, is another guy interested in the same girl you are, is another sports team a tighter team with better plays and better fundamentals)
6. How do I/we reinvent ourselves to find a new difference maker?

You can be a unique (and therefore desired/ remembered/ quality/ attractive) person or business executing six steps to cyclically separate yourself in any business or personal environment...

Or you can be the cola or beer that advertises using young models having the time of their lives ("drink this and this hot girl will want you")
Or the guy/ girl who watches Jersey Shore, wears Rock 'N' Republic, listens to the number one hit of the week, and travels where they're told driving what they've been told all the while carefully managing their conversational contributions so as not to upset the group and their popularity status.

You can follow 6 steps to desired results and freedom and creating the life you want...

Or you can be a rat in a maze being led to consume the brands that the big business puppeteers desire; a shell of your creative and expressive potential.

Isn't it a waste of time, money, and talent to be one of the sheep competing for a 2 x 2 plot of land when you you can be an eagle 10 feet away that has the entire sky to themselves?

The ONLY way to be great is to be different. Even the brand names the sheeple are chasing are different in that they were first to market or better somehow than everybody else.

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