Monday, August 09, 2010

Defer to the Professionals

For this week, I'd like to make three suggestions/requests...

First off: when you meet a professional or tradesperson at a social function... don't ask them for personal advice. Expressing interest in what they do, or seeking general impressions - that's fine. In fact, they probably enjoy talking about it. But as soon as you ask them for specifics regarding YOU, it puts them in an uncomfortable position. They don't know anything about your situation, and hearing the "thumbnail" from you gives both a biased and generalized account, from which it's pretty hard to answer with anything definitive. Also... it's pretty annoying.

Secondly, and specifically to my industry - there are a few catchphrases that a new client can say that often fall under one of the two scenarios I'm speaking of here. Now, I will preface this by acknowledging them to be generalizations - but, from experience I can tell you, they are more often than not... true. So, here are three of the things that I hear most often when I first start working with people along with what is usually the truth:

"I eat alright." (No, you don't - but you're not willing to examine your eating habits because it would mean making changes you don't want to make.)

"My cardio's pretty good." (No, it isn't - you just don't want to be made to do anything that raises your heart rate.)

"My legs are pretty strong already." (Usually, though not always, said by a man... and no, they're not. You just hate doing legs because they're hard, and would rather stick to exercises like bench presses, curls and crunches. Maybe occasionally some pulldowns, but not often - you can't see those muscles in the mirror.)

"I put on muscle really quickly and get big - I don't want to do any 'heavy' weights." (Usually, though not always, said by a woman or an endurance athlete... and no, you don't. In fact, doing non-stop cardio and light weights with reps of 15-20 is probably part of the reason you're not getting any results.)

And finally - when you DO actually ask for the advice of an expert, don't argue when you hear things you don't want to hear. If you know better... why are you going to see them in the first place?


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