Wednesday, September 08, 2010


Thank you Vancouver and Calgary, San Francisco, as well as all over North America and the world...
Today is the 1000th blog we have the privilege of sending to you from Swimupstream/ The IF blog.

Here is where we started on Oct 19th, 2006 (, and thanks to your loyal readership, and your belief in what we have to say - we are now still coming at you almost 4 years later!

1420 days to be exact, and in that time, we have been in your kitchen on average every 1.42 days. This whole endeavour got started because a group of people saw opportunity to teach and learn from those who were willing to listen, in hopes of making a difference in the world.

It gets said way too often, "I'm just one guy, what difference can I make?"

well thanks to the vision of Matt Young and my colleagues Curtis, Scott, Guy, Sasha, James, and Mark (as well as those who have also contributed over the years),

- this platform has been viewed on every continent but Antarctica
- this platform has been viewed thousands of times in over a hundred locations
- this platform has led to published books, speaking engagements, and many many success stories.

One of my favorites is someone I've never met who credits the book with helping him battle and overcome depression.

But today is not about me, us, or even swimupstream. It's about legacy.

and it's simple. If you have something worth saying and you're passionate about it enough to do the work to get it off the ground - than you have the ability to impact people a world away and the true measure then of your legacy is immeasurably good... we have no idea how far each person in India, Asia, Africa, or anywhere else who has been inspired through one of our messages will take their legacy.

You can change the world around you, which is all the power anyone in the world could ever need... but it won't happen without you doing the work.

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