Thursday, October 14, 2010

“Keeping my options open”

Each time I hear this from a new acquaintance or old friend who hasn’t lasted more than 365 days on one focus, I chuckle. (inside of course). I immediately think of all these like minded peeps who’ve left their ‘just wasn’t working for me’ jobs for a smoother path towards greener paychecks. Lets just say thank god I wasn’t holding my breath until they reached their promised fantasy land.

Yet the cycle continues, every day at jobs (for those who have them) around the world we play this little game of confusion around what the word ‘work’ really means.

Here’s a couple of facts we like to share with young people when we’re talking with them about real life ‘today’.

1. the world is in a recession. In 1/2 part due to the consumer driven infection that drives us to spend more than we earn and the other 1/2 part due to the misnomer that we think someone else should be paying us more in order to balance our personal lunacy.

2. the gap between the wealthy and poor is at an all time high. Middle class is disappearing. That’s a fact that few seem to be exploring and asking the all important question – why? Why? Because the middle class got wrapped up in trying to be the upper class which resulted in them becoming the lower class.

3. there’s 2 disconnects that exist in the workplace. People knowing what they are passionate about and people knowing what they are good at. Lots of people who think they’re good at positions they are not and lots of people passionate about something that they are not working on or in at present.

4. the stat of young people going through 8 different jobs while their parents may have gone through 2 would only be a ‘see – told you so stat’..... if we were not in a recession. The REALity we’re in a recession kind of speaks to the fact that statistic NOT being used as an argument ‘for’.

5. the wealthy will continue to get wealthier by selling the poor things they actually don’t really need.... Under the pretense of making their lives easier. eg: ‘selling the dream’. The wealthy hire people (marketers) to speak to you in language that makes the poor feel they cared about. Question. Ever had a salesperson you turned down try to continue to spend time getting to know you?

6. there is a common denominator in situations that have gone wrong and right. If you ever want to give yourself.... say...... a SELF EXAMINATION answer the following question honestly. Was my attitude the same during the last week as it was my first week? Then take a guess at the main person who changed the most during that timeframe. Take another guess at what’s going to happen at your ‘next new best job’.... then connect the dots as to why young people actually have 8 different jobs before they quit, move back home and go ‘back to school’ to get more education.

7. ever notice what happens to people with great attitudes, who do more than what they contractually agreed to and carve out their own successes? Right, the happy water cooler peeps call them names like kiss asses and spread rumors about what they must be doing to get ahead. Water cooler people.... it’s actually not that complicated.

8. most great businesses will thrive in your absence. In fact, because most people who depart don’t know ‘how to’ do that professionally either, customers, peers, managers and employers are HAPPY to see the door hit the back of your ass and instead of people talking in ‘remember how great x was’, they say nothing or... Man, they just hated life at the end didn’t they.

Read these facts. Share them with friends and family you hear lamenting about how they are undervalued and ready to move on to something “way better”. Because the REALity is the next best thing is supposed to be created by the very people who are out of tune with the fundamentals of life so instead of becoming stronger – they become weaker. They become followers.

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