Thursday, October 28, 2010

Top 10 signs we are in deep $&*!!

1. People believed that change to the most catastrophic economic disaster in decades would come in the form of creating more money vs. CHANGING spending habits.

2. Those same people believed this change would be created, implemented and succeed on the back of one person ‘in power’ vs. millions of people ‘in play’.

3. It is infinitely easier to manipulate people towards “ a popular solution” than it is to convince them of “ the right solution”

4. The middle class is disappearing.

5. World headlines: Tsunami in Indonesia, Mexican police station shot up, French strike costs 57 million / day, Surprise exit on Dancing with Stars

6. $206 million / year in talent [NYY] fell to $55 million in potential [TR] in the Championship series.

7. Budgets for entertainment trump budgets for education by about 1000 to 1.

8. Our ‘icons’ are being busted for cheating... Yet remain our ‘icons’.

9. People are taking pictures of their food and posting them on a website where others comment ‘mmmm’ 'yummy'

10. Few people realize all of this is & will become OUR problem

Time to THINK differently.

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