Monday, November 22, 2010

The Fifth Rider of the Apocolypse Has Arrived

Along with War, Famine, Conquest and Death, I give you... Stupidity. And she arrives at the door of the White House on the multi-colored horse named "Media".

This is not a personal attack. This isn't even directed at her as a Republican. This is directed at those people in the United States, who hold her up as the "saviour" of their country and who not only support her but may very well get her elected into office. Who ignore the fact that her answers to real, in-depth questions relating to her country (let alone the rest of the world) are often almost as absurd as that of George W. Bush's. Who doesn't seem to have any sort of actual platforms, besides the fact that they'll be "different". Who supposedly stands for "traditionally conservative" (note: not my opinion) family values, but whose hypocrisy continually rears it's ugly head in the form of a grandchild born out of wedlock to her (still) unmarried daughter. And whose same daughter continues to be on Dancing With the Stars because of her mom's popularity, but despite the fact that her dancing is atrocious....

Mark my words. Sarah Palin will make a run for office in 2012, and she stands a frighteningly good chance of getting there. And as much as I'd love to sit back and let those who vote for her suffer through the consequences of their actions - I can't. Because her being in office will impact MY country as well.

I implore you, if you care about the world you live in - spread the word. Keep this woman's hands out of world economics, the U.N., global peacekeeping, domestic poverty and, most importantly, keep them off of the nuclear codes. I don't care if it's a Republican, a Democrat or an Independent that takes the oath in two years...

Just don't let it be her. Please.


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