Friday, November 26, 2010


I was watching The Today Show and saw a piece on a fellow named, Braeden Kreshner, that I couldn't help but want to share.

At the age of 18, Braeden Kershner worked 11 jobs so that he could guest-conduct the Boston Pops. He had seen an ad on the Internet saying fans could conduct the orchestra if they donated big bucks. When asked by the reporter if it was worth the cost, his response was that he could have bought a new car, but it would probably rust and break down in 20 years whereas conducting the orchestra would be an experience he would be able to have for the rest of his life. He also simplified it further by saying that it was just money, and if you could buy the thing you wanted all your life, wouldn't it be worth it to you?

He prepared for his moment by learning to play every instrument in the orchestra. He said that if he gave the orders and didn't play the instruments no one would take him seriously. That night could have made Braeden Kershner a star; instead he joined the Marines and now inspires his students as a Band Director. He said in the interview that the idea was never to be famous; it was just to accomplish the dream and then guide others to theirs.

His biggest message to his students: Failure is forgiven, giving up is not.


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Anonymous said...

Hey Sasha - Braeden here - I'm flattered you would post this! Thank you for your interest in the story; I appreciate your support. Email me at anytime.