Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Set Your Mark

Just as this gentleman pictured may have a tough time hitting his target, it can be very hard to reach our objectives if we don't see (or can't envision) where we're going.

The word "legacy" gets tossed around a lot, and it stems from a generational trend. We have more and more needs met for us as (recession notwithstanding) we were lucky to be born during a time and region of affluence. Whether it's Maslow's Hierarchy of needs or common sense, the more basic needs we have met, the deeper and more metaphysical our desires become.

Our goals move from survival to philanthropy and/ or excellence in achievement. These are good things, and the analogous blind dart thrower is not in any way meant as a deterrent to setting goals. Quite the opposite.

The education that is meant is to have people think more clearly of how they want to be remembered, not just THAT they want to be remembered. In terms of a straight geologic record, the possibility exists millions of years from now that the only record of the human race may be our fossils. In other words, the written word, stories being told about you, even the Internet - there is no guarantee that any of it is forever.

What should matter is what the people closest to you, and the people you hope to inspire - say about you and your life's work. More importantly, defining success in your own terms, and being able to say YOU are proud of you and what you have done in your life and to help others.

"I want to be remembered" is like throwing darts blind.
"I will be remembered for ___________ by doing x, y, and z in __________ manner" is a LOT better.

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