Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Get the most from your winter training.

The summer has drawn to a close and most of us are looking at the fast approaching winter with a little bit excitement and perhaps a little bit of trepidation.

For most endurance athletes, winter is a time to hang up the bikes, pack away the swimming cap and goggles, and after a long summer of training and racing, it is not always an easy thing to do.
Winter provides the perfect opportunity for us to allow the body and the mind to recover and regenerate after the summers’ endevours.

This does not, however, mean going into hibernation on the couch for 4 months, waiting for spring roll in – leave that to the bears!

We can however, use this “down time” to...
  • Look back at the season and identify what went well and what did not – write it down – try to remain objective.
  • Look forward to the new year and plan for next years’ season – establish goals and timelines
  • Work on rehabilitating any injuries that might have developed through the season – do you have a strategy to ensure they do not re-occur?
  • Allow your body and mind to “decompress” - this will ensure you are fresh and fired up when your new training program commences.
  • Get professional help with your training (guys – you do not know everything – contrary to popular belief) – a coach, a bike fit expert or perhaps a personal training coach.
  • Participate in activities you might not incorporate into your training – a new Yoga class, cross country skiing or ice skating – make it fun, not structured and non-competitive if you were highly competitive during the race season.
One thing I do strongly urge you to do is watch your waistline!

With the reduction in training volume, and the any number of festive celebrations taking place over the next 4 months, it is not difficult to pick up a few additional pounds along the way.

Adjust your food intake relative to your expenditure (Calories in VS Calories out) to ensure you do not have to choose weight loss as your #1 new years’ resolution for 2011.

Follow these guidelines and you will be amazed at how motivated, inspired and fired up you are to get back into training when the pre-season begins again next year.

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