Thursday, November 18, 2010

Use more of your brain.

If people had the ability to think long term, its safe to say they might be doing things a little differently today. This begs two questions, 1. how do we train ourselves to think long term and 2. Do we always need to arrive at the point of no return before we change the way we think?

History, nor science are our side.

History shows example after example after example of failed ecosystems directly related to our inability to factor in the long term ramifications. Fall of the Roman Empire, world wars, collapse of the worlds financial system, collapse of Europe's social system, destruction of the rain forest all have/had obvious outcomes (with foresight, in hindsight) based on the foundations they were built. Can you 'think' of any other modern day examples?

Science points to the fact that most human beings only use a fraction of their brain power while the rest is left untapped due to our inability to access it. Do we even try or do we let others do the thinking for us? Ironically we are fascinated by people with the ability to tap the 'hidden' parts of their brains; Socretes, Newton, Churchill, Edison, Chopin, Beetovan, Picasso, Van Gogh. You mean I have the capacity to be as brilliant as these people? Yes. They were simply people who trained themselves to use more of their brain than we do. [See them]

Marketing is not on our side.

Staying in business and profitability are all about 'now'. Even the 'freedom 55 campaign' is about taking your money 'now'. Our inability to think long term prevents us from realizing that we are being sold 'the dream' before it becomes the nightmare... at which point we buy into another quick fix dream and wonder why the cycle continues.

Human nature is not on our side.

We tend to operate in a circular pattern. Around. And around. And around we go exhibiting the same behaviors and expecting a different result. No wonder there is rampant insanity. That is the very definition. We tend not to even be compelled to take action until there are dire consequences. Did we not know better?

So if history, science, marketing and human nature isn't on our side - how do we intend to initiate & facilitate long term, forward thinking? There's no one answer, and our fast approaching reality is that we're going to be forced to start thinking about it very soon.

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