Saturday, November 13, 2010

Who Do You Think You Are?

Who does Kanye West think he is?

He's an artist, who makes good music and lots of money while doing it. He has accused George Bush of being a racist, hijacked the microphone from Taylor Swift at an awards show, and told Matt Lauer off, in a manner of speaking, in a recent interview on the Today Show.

Is it because he makes good music and lots of money that he feels these things are acceptable? Or, is it because he makes good music and lots of money that he just doesn't care. Whatever the reason, he's soon going to learn that the public does.

We are very forgiving of the entertainment industry. We appreciate a good apology and love nothing more than a great comeback. However, as our friend Kanye has tweeted, he is still waiting for an apology from us. Guess what Kanye, you're going to be waiting awhile.

Because although you may make good music, you seem to be forgetting the number one rule of being a celebrity - you are your own brand, and right now, you're not selling us. And, bottom line, if you're not selling us, you're not selling albums. Something to think about before you open your mouth again for something other than singing.

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