Monday, December 13, 2010

Don't Make a Resolution...

...make a promise. To yourself.

Then ask yourself what you're willing to do - how much are you willing to give up or sacrifice to get what you want? Be realistic - understand what needs to be done, then figure out what you want to do.

We see it every day in the gym. People want to get in shape, so into the gym they go. They work through set after set of exercise, they run miles in the rain, they flip tires, throw medballs, climb mountains... BUT... they keep eating badly.

Then they do another fitness assessment. And they're faster, stronger, more coordinated, more flexible, more balanced... but they still weigh the same. And their waist is the same size. So they start asking how they can be working so hard, and not losing weight? And they start to look for someone or something to blame ("Obviously my program needs to be changed", or "Well, life's just to stressful for me to worry about counting calories"). And they just get more and more frustrated, fall off the exercise wagon, and three months later they've actually gained weight, lost their cardiovascular/strength/mobility/agility/coordination... and they are more unhappy than when they started.

So I've started laying the truth out for people right from the start. When they've told me that their goal is weight loss (or... *shudder*... to get a six pack), then the first thing I'll ask them is this: what are you willing to do? Usually they'll start listing off all the exercise that they're going to start doing... but rare is the individual that says "I'm going to change my eating completely". To which my response is "What's more important to you - changing your body composition, or maintaining your current lifestyle"? Because the harsh reality is - you can't do both. And if you're not willing to make that one, significant change... then you're not going to get the one thing that you really want.
So look towards 2011, and maybe start now by shifting your paradigm. Just like you have to work to make money, you have to work to lose weight... and it's not in the 3hrs of exercise that you make the greatest progress. It's in the other 165hrs of the week. Remember, as Denis Waitley said - Life is not accountable to us... we are accountable to life.

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