Sunday, December 26, 2010

Follow Up

Okay, so this is truly not meant to be an inflammatory or provocative blog - hardly. I just spent a wonderful holiday with my immediate family, and this always leaves me so, so rested and peaceful.
No, rather, just a reflective follow up on a blog I entered a few weeks ago, wherein I argued that although the phenomemon of "slacktevism" definitely has a down side, the up side is the increased awareness that may (or may not) generate an increase in actual activity. This raised quite a debate, which is good - similar to the aforementioned slacktevism, or the oldest cliche in Hollywood - no PR is bad PR.
And that brings me to this final note that I received from the Kids Help Phone:
Thank you for your donation to Kids Help Phone in response to the recent Facebook campaign to stop child abuse. Please know that your commitment to the Kids Help Phone is truly making a tremendous difference to the hundreds of thousands of children and youths who reach out for help and hope every year.
If you have any questions about how your donation is being used please feel free to contact me at *** *** *****, or via email at jennifer********************.
Sincerely, Jennifer Sheppard
So this year, remember - every little bit helps, and every action needs to start with the smallest push... the more of us who take a chance to be that push, the more likely it is to happen.
Happy New Year - now let's go out and do good.

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