Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Time for a little old school?

Admittedly I am from the old school where you said what you were going to do and then did what you said.
We were compensated on what we had brought to the table after we brought it. YEARS after we brought it.
We could look a man in the eye, shake his hand and proceed to give it our best.
We feared failing & being replaced. We had a collective goal, there was accountability and then follow up.
Six figure salaries were part of 20 year plans.

We were always active. We played outdoors, stayed out late and walked everywhere. We were not obese.
We grew what we ate, reaped what we sowed, took what we needed and shared with our neighbors
I called your dad mr. and those who I didn’t know sir.
I shook their hand hard while I looked them in the eye.
We communicated in english not short form consonants.
We spent time speaking with our parents nightly at dinner & hiking on weekends.

Things are a little different now and we’ve had to adapt. I’m willing to be flexible if you can prove the new system is better. Tell me how it's better because I'm just not seeing it.

I’ve heard hours of ‘big’ talk, followed by seconds of effort.
Seen huge front end payouts, and poor back end performance.
When times get tough there’s no, rolling up our sleeves. We pop in our headphones, power up the ds's, quit and sue.
We don’t fear or respect our parents, elders, superiors, managers, owners or leaders. “They work for us?”
We don't listen to those who’ve walked a mile in our shoes before us. We’ve got a better way based on ????

Technology was heralded as the ‘next best thing’ with the capability of bringing our world together.
Yet the world has NEVER before been so far apart. Rich & poor, religiously, idealistically, intellectually and politically
The American dream used to have to be earned through sweat equity. Now it can be downloaded, with low interest credit.
Once thriving ecosystems of forests, lands, waters, species, economies are being decimated by the get-miners.

If you can prove how it’s better, I’ll welcome your input, embrace your systems and follow your lead.
But things like unemployment, personal debt, divorce & bankruptsy can’t be at record highs with nations collapsing for the new way to be right.
Maybe there’s not supposed to be an ‘easier way’. Maybe there is something in the old school fundamentals.

WE are facing adversity.
Time for an OLD plan.


James Greenwood said...

This is a great post Matt - I agree with every single word!

Jason Sarai said...

Great Post!