Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Why Leadership, Winning, and Success are all the time or none of the time

Innovative Thinking is coming to you late tonight folks, and for that I apologize, however it presents an opportunity for a lesson...

Do what you say you're going to for no other reason than because you said you were going to.

Leadership, Winning, and Success (could all be considered the same thing but do have different connotations) are all ALL-IN, ALL-OF-THE-TIME things.

How many people want to be successful at work and miserable at home?
How many people can afford to be great parents but not pay the bills?
How many people would trade finances for life experiences?
How many claim to want all of the above, but don't plan, work for it, or understand let alone demonstrate that to be great in one area requires sacrifice in at least a few others?

In my humble definition, success means being happy with what you have, with where you're headed, with who you're with, and most of all being able to look yourself in the mirror in the pursuit of all of the above.

By this definition, you cannot go "all in" in one aspect of your life, and then 'switch off' in others. The principles of success, if they've truly been applied, transcend the platform within which they're being exerted in any given moment of time.

That's why you can somehow make more money being a philanthropist
that's why you have more energy even if you expend a lot of it exercising
that's why if you've learned to do one thing well it becomes so much easier to do the next thing well.

The saying "it takes money to make money" is wrong (in most cases). That is the viewpoint of the pessimist justifying "why not me". A better saying is "success begets success".

And why? Because the only true path to success is to take your lumps, sacrifice, struggle, seek outside council of those you deem successful, and to dive in with both feet never allowing failure to become an option.

If you really did that at work, could it even be a possibility that you'd allow yourself to be a less than great mom or a sub-par brother?

I don't think so.

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