Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Work for tomorrow, but love today

Let me begin today by asking you - yes, YOU - to take 10 seconds to look at the room you are sitting in right now. How much abundance is in your life right now? Are you sitting in a home you can afford to rent or own? Do you own the computer or smart phone you are reading this message off of? Are you lucky enough to have a job that lends you opportunities to computers you use for both personal and professional purposes?

Take another 10 seconds and ask yourself what you have to appreciate in your life right now.

So many books, courses, blogs, shows, etc are focused on how to get what you want.
How about today we take a moment to reflect on and appreciate what we already are fortunate enough to have?
Instead of focusing mental energy and planning strategy on "get" and "more"... it would do wonders for our sanity if we spent a bit more time on "keep" "give" and "appreciate".

Tomorrow is not guaranteed. If every day is spent sacrificing for the next, and every effort based on advancing oneself to be able to afford more consumer products... than we have missed the greatest gift we'll ever get. Do yourself and a friend a favor, pass this on, go get some oxygen outdoors (no matter the weather) and treat your body and your friends and family well... they're all part of the life you HAVE RIGHT NOW... which is the only thing you're guaranteed in life.

Maximize it, plan for improvement, but don't we dare miss out on what today has to offer us.

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