Monday, January 03, 2011

Challenge Yourself

You know, I get that there are some things that we don't enjoy doing - and life's too short to constantly be doing things that don't bring you joy.

That being said, I think that for far too many people, what they don't enjoy is hard work.

I see this all too often in fitness. "I don't enjoy running - I prefer to use the elliptical" is something I hear a lot. And while there are times that this is 100% valid (for some who have suffered a traumatic injury, the smooth and impact-free movement of the elliptical may provide them with less discomfort than a treadmill), the vast majority of people who say this to me do so for one reason, and one reason only - running is hard work, and the elliptical is easy. They can hop on and swing the legs away, zoning out on the television above or worse, reading a magazine. When I'm working with people like this, I'll put the intensity up on the elliptical, to where they actually have to push themselves and they can't tune out... and you know what? These same people don't like it. So - it's not running they don't like, it's working hard.

The next time you say "I don't like..." I want you to pause, and reflect. What is it that you don't like - the activity itself? Or how hard you find it? If it's the latter, then I offer you this challenge - draw the line in the sand, and make yourself do it. Make yourself uncomfortable - push outside of your parameters, and see how you feel when you come out the other side...

Let me know how it goes....


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