Monday, January 24, 2011

One Simple Request

Can you feel it coming? There are elections on the way - not just within the province of BC but, I suspect, in the federal jurisdiction as well. You know how I can tell?
The smear campaign's already started - and I'm already tired of it.
If I have one request of our politicians during current and future campaigns, it's this - stop telling me what's wrong with all the other candidates. I don't care. You're all equally guilty of some sort of poor policy decision or implementation - no one's blameless. And you know what they say about glass houses.
Lead me - inspire me. Don't bicker and point fingers - it demeans the entire process. Just for once, I want to vote for someone based on what they plan to do, not against someone because of what they've done.
Or is that an outdated hope for politics?

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