Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Think Outside Your Current Reality

We all want to get ahead.
That's why we read Innovative Thinking, hell- that's we WE write it.

The fact is to get ahead, you have to earn it (not new information).
We need to earn it first, receive any rewards second (not new information).

What may be new information to some is that we will always be held back by the lowest common denominator we present, and that is usually our thoughts: that is, the level of mentality we mentally live most consistently.

For instance,

there are people that think like EMPLOYEES. When's lunch? Do I get paid overtime? When do I get a raise? I wish I had so-and-so's job, they have the life... and so on. The more we catch ourselves in this mindset, the longer we will be at entry level positions making the least amount of money we can. To be a great employee (and thus move up the ranks) we need to start thinking more often like a...

LEADER. How do I get the most out of myself? Out of those around me? How do we instill a sense of urgency in our front line employees around the company's most important objectives? How do I balance all the projects I have on the go, and who can I delegate to? Just think how different a LEADER-minded person's life is from that of an EMPLOYEE-minded person? And it gets even better. To be a great LEADER, you need to answer these questions, and then start thinking more like an...

OWNER. OWNER's ask themselves, "how can our company be great and different from the competition?", "how can I create a personal legacy through my work?", or "how do I leave the places I touched better than I found them?". It is even harder to be an OWNER (especially a good one) than it is to be a good LEADER. To be a great OWNER, in addition to having a vision for yourself, your company, and your team; do all this, plus turn a profit - you need to learn to think like a CUSTOMER.

While not always right, they are paying the bill, and they do have a choice as to where they spend their money. And quite simply put, if we'd rather spend more time shopping and vacationing than working - ascending the aforementioned mental hierarchy is the only proven way to do so.

You can't buy success and that's one key reason our economy recently crumbled.
Think different thoughts to get better results. It's not easy, but it's not rocket science.

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