Friday, January 14, 2011

What are ideas without implementation?

Ideas without implementation, are just ideas. I was watching a lecture the other day in which the presenter was discussing how the fitness industry is always evolving (as it should be) and how professionals are constantly coming up with new ways of doing things, which is great. However, the presenters point of view was that although you may have a new idea for how to do something differently, if you can't implement it, it's just an idea.

I couldn't help but think of how appropriate that statement is for most of us now. It's the beginning of a New Year and we have created a list of things that we would like to accomplish within it, however, how many of us have actually taken it to the next level - from being just a great idea to how we plan to accomplish it?

It's an important step and not half as much fun as coming up with the ideas but as stated before without the implementation you're just going to be left with a lot of great ideas still on your list in 2012. So what's your strategy?

~ Sasha

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