Monday, February 07, 2011

The First Step...

I've had a few conversations this week that helped me - not realize, because I think I already knew it - but rather, understand something a little bit more clearly.

In the world of health and fitness, the first step is not to eat better and start a training program - it's to look deep inside yourself, and develop a strong and healthy relationship between yourself, exercise and food.

I met with a few people this week, you see, to go over their training programs and what they can do as they move forward, and I quickly saw that the main reason they were working out wasn't because they were trying to improve themselves physically, either from a functional or performance standpoint, but rather... because if they weren't exercising, they felt they were going to gain weight.

If this sounds like you - stop right now. Stop working out to burn calories. Stop working out in order to chase down that last 5 pounds, or to outrun the oncoming 10. Because you know what? You're going to lose that race. You're going to run and run on a hamster wheel, and any joy that might come from what you're doing will be lost because you're always going to be looking over your shoulder, looking down at your heart rate monitor, or staring at the backside of a competitor you will never catch.

I want you to choose a goal and an activity that bring you joy and happiness. Where any weight-loss that might come from what you're doing is strictly the happy by-product of living and eating well. Maybe rehab that knee so that you can start running, then try to eat well so that you can run for longer than 20 minutes without your knees hurting, and finally, choose an event to train for that will take you somewhere you've always wanted to go.

Discover the joy of movement, the adventure that is life - find the happiness in the journey and the destination, and get off the hamster wheel.

Trust me - nothing beats the excitement of the start line... or the high of the finish line.

Hope to see you there.


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