Tuesday, February 08, 2011

It's in the detail

The modern world is driven by trying to continually enhance the efficiency of our systems. Doing things faster, and not always better, always looking for an "easier" way to achieve a desired outcome.

The Health and Fitness industry is no different.

All around us there seems to be a drive toward quantity and not quality, in the numerous spheres of training and coaching. Unfortunately at the cost of attention being given to detail.

Whether we are looking at the execution of an exercise movement or the creation and development of a comprehensive training plan, shortcuts are all to often taken.

And who suffers - our customers and clients.

Not a good strategy for being a successful training coach.

In fact, attention to detail is an essential part of our profession - in all areas, at all times, and it is this attention to detail that differentiates a good training coach and an excellent training coach.

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