Monday, March 07, 2011

Enough Talk

So - our government is going to open a "national dialogue" to address the obesity epidemic in our nation's youth (

Great. That's just what we need - more discussion.

Seriously - what is there to discuss? Our children are obese because they eat too much, they eat badly, and they don't exercise enough - simply a reflection of their parents. Furthermore, when statistics are showing that the majority of our kids (and our adults, for that matter) are not getting enough exercise, Health Canada - in it's infinite wisdom - simply lowered the bar (

You can help save the inevitable expense that's going to come out of this "dialogue" - I suggest trying the following suggestions (in order):
  1. Firstly, realize that being obese is not "okay", or something to be "accepted". To do so is embracing an unhealthy lifestyle. If people were to declare that "they smoke and they're proud of it" in this day and age, they would be villified - we need to take the same attitude towards the lifestyle that has created our nation's obesity epidemic.
  2. Next - if you have an issue(s) that drive you to eat, don't just use that as an excuse - seek help.
    Eat out a maximum of one time per week, and no more. That's right. Once.
  3. When you prepare food at home - actually prepare it. Don't reheat prepackage, processed crap.
  4. Stop using time as an excuse. Life is what it is - we're all busy. Either make the changes, or don't - but stop trying to justify it.
  5. Finally - start exercising... burn more calories than you take in. And no, not for 150 minutes a week - an hour a day. Too busy? See above.

There's no magic, no secret - it comes down to making your health a priority. After all, what's the point of life if you don't actually get to live?


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