Wednesday, March 09, 2011

The Future...

is coming... and it's not like the attached picture.
You don't take a convenient off-ramp to greener pastures when you are ready for your future.
It hits you like a ton of bricks because it's coming, period- and we had all better be ready.

Example 1: "I want to work so I can live, not live to work". No one I know would rather work than enjoy a vacation with their best friends or family. The fact is, someone (YOU) needs to pay for said holiday, plus the rent/ mortgage while you're away, etc etc
Result 1: By following that mentality, you'll have the life of Riley in your 20's; only to be forced to work way harder than you want to in your 30's, 40's, 50's, and 60's. We all need to put in the work, the question is when we choose to do it.

Example 2: "I'll be happy when I graduate/ get a job/ get married/ have kids/ get a raise/ when the kids move out/ when the house is paid off/ when I retire".
Result 2: If you have to wait until you retire to be happy, life isn't worth living, and you'll probably have a stress-induced heart attack long before then. Life is too short to waste, and too long to wait to be happy. If you don't learn to enjoy the journey, you'll never reach the destination.

Example 3: "I'll sign up for that course/ ask that girl out/ apply for that job/ etc tomorrow"
Result 3: The only guarantee you have is right now, this minute. Tomorrow leads to the next day leads to next week, month, year. Anything worth doing is worth doing right now. You can't do everything today, so you need to prioritize, but there is a night and day difference between delegation & de-prioritizing items, and procrastination.


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