Friday, April 22, 2011

"Eat less, move more". ~ Guy Demong

About a year ago, a girl walked into the gym and was interested in making a lifestyle change. When you are listening to someone for the first time, you're always unsure whether or not their enthusiasm is backed by the motivation necessary to succeed, or if it will fade into the background as soon as they realise what's required from them to elicit change.

Lucky for us (and her), this girl was motivated. She committed to training with us three times per week, started coming to spin class once a week and participates in some form of physical activity at least one to two more days each week.

Just from adding physical activity into her life, she saw some amazing changes in her body composition but soon realised that if she wanted to see more changes she was going to have to start evaluating her nutrition.

She is now about 8 pounds away from her first goal of being under 200 pounds, which would be a total loss of 40 pounds for her since she started with us.

Her family, friends and co-workers are now starting to notice. One co-worker in particular keeps asking her what she's doing. She always says, I am exercising and watching what I eat. But each time she gives that answer, her co-worker presses her to tell her what she's 'really' doing - is there one food she cut out of her diet, which exercise is she doing, is she taking any supplements?

Her co-worker keeps waiting for the 'magic answer' or the 'secret' that will give her the body she wants, without the work required to get or maintain it. The secret is, there is no secret, you have to work hard and watch what you eat, if you want to see results. It's simple.

~ Sasha

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