Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Evaluate your swimming stroke

It is not always easy to improve your swimming performance without some specialist attention and ongoing coaching. A Masters swim group is great to up the training intensity and allows you to swim other athletes, taking the loneliness out of those big, multi kilometer swims.

But is there something you can do, with a little help from a friend, to assist you to improve your swim stroke? The answer is yes.

A simple evaluation of your stroke (we will look at the Freestyle stroke) will give you a few areas that require a little more attention, and provide you with some solid direction to build your swim training around (click on image to enlarge).

Ask a friend or family member to come to the pool with you - ideally not someone with a good knowledge of swimming because we want an objective analysis. Ask them to watch you swim and as you swim, work through the evaluation.

Alternatively they can film you swimming) and you can then evaluate yourself.

Let's get you going with that and next week I will look at the evaluation and provide you with a little bit of insight and a few minor corrections which can be made to help you to improve you swimming performance.

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