Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Rediscover the passion

Running is an activity that we have been doing for thousands of years.

What started off as our primary mode of transport, has now become a way of maintaining our health and wellness.

Running is an activity that almost every human being is capable of doing from an early age. Just think back to your childhood and remember how much time was spent running around playing with friends.

It is unfortunate that as we became older, the amount of time spent running declined inversely. Our primary mode of transportation become a bicycle, a car or a bus, and bipedal travel declined even more, to the point that today some adults cannot walk a single block or single flight of stairs, never mind run.

So if one was to consider getting back back to the point where running was an activity that was regularly participated in, how would one go about doing this?
  1. Start by walking:
    Use a 4 - 6 week period of brisk walking to allow the body to adapt to the new stressors being placed on the joints and the connective tissue
  2. Introduce a short run followed by a walk:
    Again, spend 4 - 6 weeks incorporating a run - walk strategy. It might be run for 1 minute, walk for 2 minutes. Perhaps it is run for 30 seconds and walk for 2 minutes.
  3. Stretch after every run - walk session:
    This will ensure you maintain muscle length and assist the body to recover from the training.
  4. Posture, breathing and stride length:
    Posture - Keep the head up, chest open and body relaxed. Breath - rhythmically and deeply. Stride length - Take shorter strides, more often.
  5. Rediscover the passion:
    Strive to regain the joy movement gave you when you were young - this will result in a waterfall of hormones making you feel energized and alive.
Our bodies were designed to move and by ignoring this we are wasting the most amazing creation.

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