Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Show up to your life.

According to World Bank World Development Indicators 2009 data, life expectancy in Canada is up to 81.2 years.

That's 974.4 months, or over 29,650 days. It sounds like that's a lot of time to do everything you want... however, if you are still adjusting to writing '2011' on your checks and other memos, you may be shocked that 138 days have already slipped by in 2011 (more than a third of the year). Half of a percent of your entire life has passed by before some people have gotten traction in moving this year forward.

The point is, time is at once one of the most limited and the most valuable resources we are ever blessed with. I am a firm believer that life-altering mistakes notwithstanding, you will regret far more those things you failed to do than those things you did wrong.

Hence the title today of 'show up to your life'.
Take the risk or risks you are afraid of.
The only way to know if the job you are in or the relationship you are in is right for you is to dive in with both feet, give it 100% of your best, most passionate effort, and see if your best is enough and you get enough in return.

The life we engineer for ourselves is either by design and effort or by default and indecision. We either make a conscious decision to live our best life, help others and get the most out of it while we can; or we enable life through indecision to just give us what's coming; good, bad, or neutral (but rarely what we ultimately desire).

According to many numerologists, we spend the first third of our life, or for most people, up to age 27, finding some purpose we can attach to our lives and then the next 2/3 trying to live that purpose out. If those numbers are true, and we're lucky enough to live to 81.2; that leaves 54 years to carve out our name in the hearts of those we wish to impact the most. On a 54 year time frame, those same 138 days that have passed in 2011 start to carry a much higher opportunity cost.

Since none of us are guaranteed those 81.2 years, it's best to show up to the one guaranteed opportunity you do have in life... TODAY.

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