Friday, June 24, 2011

Brown Bag

A common theme this week seems to be me listening to people who are frustrated about their slow progress in term of changes in their body composition. My first question whenever this conversation begins is always, 'Well, how's your diet?'

The typical response is, 'I eat pretty well.' Which translated, means that they eat well about 70 percent of the time, 20 percent less than what they need to be doing in order to see the results that they want. At this point, I usually start digging for specifics and invariably they start to reveal some major missing links in their nutritional plans.

It seems one of the most common themes is not planning ahead and packing your meals for the day. Furthermore, it's not time or preparation that are standing in the way of them doing it, it's that they don't want to seem different from everyone else. This blows my mind.

People are willing to sacrifice their health for fear of being ridiculed because they are doing something different. In reality, the only reason people would even notice, whether at a lunch or during a meeting, and comment, is because your choice of a healthier lifestyle is making them feel bad. Misery loves company and frankly, I'd rather not let my co-workers dictate whether I am fit or fat.

~ Sasha

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