Tuesday, June 28, 2011

It's not what you do on the golf course...

...it's what you do before you get onto the golf course.

We have been talking a lot about the endurance sports over the past few weeks, so I decided to change tack a little bit, and give some attention to you golfers.

Golfing is an extremely challenging activity at the best of time, even more so when you have to divide your energy assignment between deep concentration and trying to manage the functioning of your body to deliver the best movement execution on every stroke.

The last thing you need to have to worry about is stiffness, limited mobility and limited range of motion (ROM) - all 3 energy drains on your energy supply.

Improving these 3 components of smooth and free movement does not happen overnight. It requires daily effort and attention, but the payoff is well worth the time invested.

So let's have a look at a few mobilization and ROM exercises you can incorporate into your program.

These exercises should be every day, before you hit your first ball on the course and when you have finished your round or your practice.

Deep squat, Heels up, arms up - an excellent exercise for increasing your Thoracic spine mobility and and your ROM through your shoulder girdle.

Freeze - Hold this position for 30 seconds up to 2 minutes and feel the muscles of the front area of the shoulder girdle opening. Excellent for those of you with a rounded posture.

Close gap - open - This technique drill will assist you to increase torso rotation and enhance dissociation between the lower and the upper body. It will also increase "communication" between the lower body and upper body.

3 very simple exercises to help you better manage your energy distribution on the course.

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