Monday, June 06, 2011

True Leaders

So - here's the thing.

While there's no denying their skill (although, as Eliotte Friedman pointed out, the television doesn't do it justice as you can't pick up how incredible their puck management actually is), it's what they do outside of the arena that, to me, really puts them in the elite.

Some examples:

  • Last year, they donated $1.5million to help build a new BC Children's Hospital...

  • In the middle of the final round in the Stanley Cup playoffs, Henrik showed up at the birthday party of an friend's son...

  • At the airport after winning game 2 in the same playoff series - who stopped to sign autographs for their fans? Not Roberto Luongo - nope, he went straight through. That's right... Henrik and Daniel.

Now, I'm not criticisizing Luongo for this, mind you - most players wouldn't want the distractions as they are playing one of the most important series in their professional lives. However, I think that what the Sedins did demonstrates so much about their character, that it just gives an even bigger reason to cheer for them - individuals like this deserve to win.

I respected them as players before - but now, more than ever, as people.

Go Canucks.


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